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Office Shopping!

03.13.2007 @ 7:04 PM in Technology
Nothing better than raiding your old boss's office for loot and goodies... We miss you Susan, but the ruler and Sharpies make it all better.


The loot:
  1. Box(8 left) of PaperMate Flair felt tip pens - a must for our documentation duties.
  2. Six Sharpie Markers - Brown, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red (no Black) - Almost had to fight Kirk for these.
  3. Small Pocket Flathead Screwdriver - shit breaks sometimes, and sometimes I like to break shit.
  4. Westcott Wooden Ruler with metal inlay - a rare find is an ruler with twelve inches here, kinda like trying to find a guy over 6 inches in Buffalo
  5. Acme Value Stainless Scissors - It says "Acme," so they must be good.
  6. HP Glossy Laser Photo Paper - I don't have a color laser printer, but I know where one is...
  7. Card Organizer with index cards, divider, and case - No need for this, but it makes my desk look important... Makes me look important and busy... busy means people leave me alone.
  8. Two Packs of Avery Big Tab Dividers - Once again, no need.. but adds to the important-busy-left-alone thing
  9. Piece of 8x10 Acrylic - It was shiny, I wanted it, do I have to explain myself?