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Use Paypal Security Fob and Protect Your Account

03.08.2007 @ 6:35 PM in Technology


Since I don't have a hot chick (or some beefy stud ) to show of my gadgets, the snowbot has been taking on the task with quite skill. Today's item is the Paypal Security Key, and extra measure of protection for those who use Paypal and Ebay to purchase online. Here's how it works...
  • Goto and order one. Costs five bucks one time, but free if you have a merchant account.
  • Wait 7-10 days.
  • When it arrives, open the mailer package... root through all the nice but tree-wasting (but really who cares about a few Canadian trees anyways?) documentation for a little white box.


  • Wrangle out the keyfob and go to again.
  • Click on "Activate Now"


  • Follow the rules and click activate!
If you want the security added to your Ebay account, its the same process, just go here instead. From now on, unless you deactivate the service, your login process will come with an extra screen.


Press the button on the fob and enter the six numbers (it regenerates every 30 seconds) you see. There, now even if someone has your account name and password, they can not login unless they have the fob. This doesn't mean you can be less careful; never give out your information to anyone, not even to a Paypal email (it isn't from them, they don't ask for it in an email, ever). One extra tip: you can skip the extra screen alltogether by simple appending your current password with the six digits that the security key enters.


PayPal Security Key
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