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Gays and Ex Gays on CBC’s The Hour

03.06.2007 @ 6:48 PM in Lifestream
From CBC's The Hour, aired on 2/21/2007: Gay and Ex-gay... [youtube]JZF0ijuw2Qo[/youtube]
Two men. Two different stories but two similar paths. One WAS gay and now says he is fully straight, and he's married. The other tried to be straight, but it didn't take, and now back to being gay. Can a gay man really be "cured" and become straight? We spoke to two people from the ex-gay movement here in Toronto. One is a youth pastor named Brian Pengelly. The other is a guy named Darin. The two men talk about their paths through Christianity and how they were affected. Each one expresses his beliefs on possibility of becoming Ex-Gay.
This is one of the best news segments I've seen on the issue, and one of the closest hitting. No commentary from me (Dave has some though prolly not SFW)... just watch it. Links: Brian's (the ex-gay) story from New Directions The Hour on CBC