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03.06.2007 @ 3:35 PM in Lifestream
Its headlines like this that make me wish I was back in the South... sort of.

Meth lab found in bag

PIKEVILLE -- A trash bag found along the roadside outside of Pikeville Thursday contained more than garbage. Inside was the equipment to manufacture methamphetamine. At about a quarter after noon, inmates from the Wayne County Jail were cleaning up trash along the northbound on-ramp of U.S. 117 just on the edge of town when they stumbled upon a large, black trash bag, Pikeville police Chief Ken Barrett said. As they were pulling it up with their rakes, the bag tore open and inside were the remains of a meth lab.... ..."You think of a lab as a great big room with all this stuff, but it's not all that complicated. A meth lab this size could have been stored in the trunk of a car."... ...He added that finding the bag wasn't particularly surprising, but admitted it was a little bit different. "I know it's not much -- a plastic bag in the grass," Barrett said. "But I guess that's what you've got to look for sometimes -- a plastic bag in the grass." via - Goldsboro News Argus
Gotta love it... I remember being the chemistry nut in HS, and getting so many requests to help my buddies make meth labs... Sure I could have done it.. I mean geez.. You really can fit it all in a hefty bag... but something about the going to jail forever part and blowing yourselve to bits risk kinda put the stops to it. Meth in NC is like what blow is to NY... They say it's better than Trimspa and you'll never have to sleep again.