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Things I want you to know

02.28.2007 @ 8:50 PM in Lifestream
Michael do you know...
  1. When I talk to you and we set up a date, my heart will pound and I will get sick to my stomach in pure anticipation of seeing you again. This won't stop until I see you.
  2. I stare at you a lot. It's not to annoy you, but so I can remember every bit of you that I can so when I go home alone and fall asleep, I can dream you next to me.
  3. When you hold me I get a warmth that runs through every vein in my body, clearing out the pains, troubles, and fears from the day that I had. This is why I hug you so much, you're my drug.
  4. that I don't want to change you. I just want you to know that the things that you do and say have more of an effect now; my heart is exposed and you can destroy me at will, or choose to build me up.
  5. I have never been more genuinely comfortable with someone as I am with you.
  6. I'm here for you. I will listen to anything you want to say, just tell me how you feel. I won't say I will never hurt you, but I will try my hardest not to.
  7. I love you. You are the first person that I have grown to love, instead of the obligatory 1st month passions. How I feel for you is different from anything I'd ever thought I could amass in my heart.