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When it Rains…

02.23.2007 @ 3:34 PM in Lifestream
...It Fuckin Pours. Who Peed?the drying table Toss CartSteve I'm tired now, I'm non-reactive, I don't really care to clean. This is the second time since November that the upstairs bathroom water leaks have claimed the lives of some of my computers. The worst thing is that nothing was really done from last time toprotect the lab, and I didn't get any replacements I want to move. There is a perfect space right across the wall with, oh man, windows and a bathroom. It's currently being used as a meeting space, but my lab right now can be used as a meeting space. It's a total shot in the dark, but something needs to be done... I can't drink enough coffee to handle this shit in the morning.
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