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Супербитус, er superbitus, er, Savings Nuke

02.16.2007 @ 8:04 PM in Technology
You've Probably never heard of art.lebedev. But, if you do, then you know full well the talents of these guys; as well as probably having your heart broken by the vaporness of the optimus project. The newest and most available (meaning September, as opposed to maybe never for the Optimus Keyboard... yes i'm bitter) item is the Супербитус, which translates to Superbitus. superbitus.jpg Its a freaking ceramic Piggy Bank in the shape of Nuke!!! How ingenious and glorifyingly messed up is that? A white paint marker comes with the kit, and you write your intended fund on the side. superbitus-cover.jpg Once you have enough coin, let her fly.... then watch the destruction and satisfaction... superbitus-destination.jpg Price is only 550.00 rubles... that's the low, low, American Price of $19.56. (the same year of the first airborne explosion of a hydrogen bomb at bikini atoll) and delivery starts September 1, 2007. I'm gonna order a few of these... if only I can figure out the Russian shopping cart..