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“What Goes Around… Comes Around” Launches on iTunes: The Review

02.16.2007 @ 6:16 PM in Technology


Watched the iTunes exclusive release of Justin Timberlake's third video single from "FutureSex/Lovesounds," "What Goes Around... Comes Around." The video had good hype, Scarlett Johannson, and enough web teasers to make me (and i'm sure you too, or at least a bunch of you... ok a few) head on over to iTunes and fork over the buck+99 to watch the damn thing. I bought the Explicit Directors Cut, which was about ten minutes long and had a few f-bombs (mostly spewed from the dirty dirty Scarlett). The plot, I think there was one, centered around Justin and his girl at a party, who he met in the beginning of the video.


They get horribly drunk, Justin trusts his girl with a friend....


and then comes back up a stairwell to find slutty Johannson making out with JT's buddy.


Justin kicks ass chokes the bitch, and Scarlett runs off to her car. She speeds away, Justin in tow.


And then she dies.


The "story" is cut in and out with lots of drunken blurry shots and Justin performing at the party that the "story" is participating in. Its a nice video and all, but I'm sure you could get away with the cut down musical verson and feel like the 1.99 was well spent. Click on for more screen shots.