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Pictures of my Mansion

08.18.2006 @ 3:17 PM in Culture
I had the digital camera from work last night, snapped a few pics. I really, really don't like Kodak EasyShare cameras. I need at least a few options. But anyways...
This is one of the best studio setups that I have seen. Everything has a door; I can close off little bits that I don't want. The bathroom is a little cramped, but since I don't have sex often in there, it's ok. My cat decided that he wanted some face time. He was sorely upset at me for being gone all day. I feel bad, so tomorrow I'm buying him this organic cat food and another 8 dollar catnip toy. I'm such a deadbeat dad.
Don't let his face fool you, he's a total wimp. I love my pussy. Oh, and here's me writing down the score to a very successful game of rummy on my part.
Yes, I'm a lefty. Thats what makes me sexy. Flickr Photoset (for you size queens)
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