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Talking Urinal?

02.16.2007 @ 3:50 PM in Technology
Buffalo Pundit mentioned on his blog about the new "smart idea" to introduce motion sensing urinal cakes that audibly remind us men to get a cab home when we may have had too many.
"I don’t know about you, but I think I would be somewhat startled by that and probably do something that would make the janitorial staff of that particular establishment hate me and the talking urinal cake."
Now Pundit, just imagine if the urinal in question was one of these... barm_ibiza.jpglkiss1.jpg Yes, these exist, and no they are not modeled after Mick Jagger. Sold by Bathroom Mania, they've been slowly popping up all over the world and making men even more urinal shy since 2005. And yes, Buffalo has a couple sets of lips for you to uh... use, if you should feel so brave at Marcellas Showclub and Lounge on Pearl by Shea's. I work there, and it funny watching the first reactions in the men's room. Not that I hang out in the men's room... thats only at Buddies II. Now imagine, those lips, coupled with the smooth talking urinal cakes... I wouldn't be suprised either that that happens at Marcellas too, as nutted up as our owner is.