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Boys Night Out!

02.13.2007 @ 4:51 PM in Lifestream
Last Night, I had the most wonderful Boys Night Out. I don't think I actually ever had one before... Jen, we must have a girls night out sometime too. Angel, Lorenzo and I went to Shea's Performing Art Center to see the hilarious Kathy Griffin. We were so excited, and plans were to stop by Laughlin's before for dinner and cocktails. However, Liberty Cab made us wait about 30 minutes for a cab that never showed up (actually, they called us an hour later when we were in Sheas, saying they had arrived to pick us up). We ended up taking Buffalo Taxi, but only had time for cocktails.

Me and My Boys

[Lorenzo, Me, and Angel at Laughlin's]

Kathy had us crying from laughter and doubling over for the hour and a half that she was on. Most of her show was new stuff, ranging from Paula Abdul's crackhead charm bracelets to fisting George Bush and "spinning him around like a barstool." I think about half the queers in Buffalo were present; we wanted to kidnap Kathy and drag her to Cathode for Big Ass Drink Night. But, we would have had to find a dyke for her assistant Jessica (she's bisexual now apparently) and lesbians just don't mix with Quart Margaritas.

Kathy on Stage