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05.29.2010 @ 7:08 PM in Buffalo

BAYCIP FOR SALE, I got the idea for this flower panter, a Denim Garden if you will, whilst walking down the streets a few days ago. Order BAYCIP no prescription, I never have time to do anything whimsy, but a three day weekend and a two day work furlough was the perfect opportunity to get 'r done, where can i order BAYCIP without prescription. BAYCIP pictures, My good friend Angel has a fashion boutique on 818 Elmwood Ave in Buffalo, NY, comprar en línea BAYCIP, comprar BAYCIP baratos, Buy BAYCIP no prescription, and I'm always helping him with creative ways to pull people into his store. If the idiots after dark don't destroy it in a week, BAYCIP pharmacy, Herbal BAYCIP, I'm prolly going to make a few more, have a little denim garden in front of Sai One (and Splash Panic!, BAYCIP street price, BAYCIP photos, Angel's hipster fashion boutique neighbors).

Jump through to see more pics and how I did it, purchase BAYCIP for sale.

The idea was simple: take a pair of jeans, rig em up and stuff them with potting soil and plant flowers on top, BAYCIP FOR SALE. BAYCIP natural, Materials:

  • Pair of grungy jeans, nothing hipster skinny, BAYCIP pics, BAYCIP price, and nothing super long.

  • 2'x2' square of plywood... any hardware store like Home Depot will have these in the project wood section

  • 4 L Brackets

  • 3/4" PVC Pipe.., BAYCIP images. Buy BAYCIP without a prescription, hardware stores sell by the 10' or so. Have them cut you two pieces the length of the inseam of the pants plus 5" so you won't have any trouble fitting the pipe in the back of your chevelle.

  • 2 3/4" PVC Elbows

  • PVC Primer and Cement.., BAYCIP from canada. BAYCIP FOR SALE, You need the purple primer stuff and the cement to make sure your pipe stays together. Is BAYCIP addictive, I suppose this part is optional, but its your fault if it falls apart during assembly.

  • Duct tape

  • 2-3 wire coat hangers, purchase BAYCIP online no prescription, BAYCIP for sale, or 10ft of heavy armature wire.

  • 1 Tarp, I found a cheap 6'x8' blue one for about 6 bucks.

  • strong needle, BAYCIP australia, uk, us, usa, BAYCIP dangers, and strong thread.

  • Sewing Skills..

  • Staple gun

  • 2 cubic feet of potting soil (one large or two small bags)

  • 1 cubic foot of pea gravel (1 smallish bag)

Using your jeans as a guide, make a pattern on the tarp to create a lining to fit inside your jeans, online buy BAYCIP without a prescription. Where can i buy BAYCIP online, Denim is porous, and will seep to all hell if you don't have a lining, doses BAYCIP work. Cheap BAYCIP no rx, I had Angel do this part and he took a coat hanger and sewed the lining over the hooped coat hanger.

Stand your jeans up on the board, figure out the most natural stance and mark where the pants stand on the board. Drill holes on the pipe and attach the L brackets, and secure them on the board with screws, BAYCIP FOR SALE. Make sure the brackets are installed like in the photos (front and back) or you're going to have a hard time stabilizing the planter. While optional, I lashed the pipe to the bracket with duct tape to make sure they weren't going anywhere.

Measure the distance between the two pipes and cut a section of PVC about an inch or so short. Cement the PVC to the elbows and make sure the elbows point in the same direction as each other. BAYCIP FOR SALE, Fit the liner and jeans over the two pipes, and then secure the elbowed section on top. I didn't cement this section because it wasn't that important, and I thought might need to take the jeans off if something went wrong.

Using needle and thread, and the coat hangers/armature wires secure the jeans to the pipe. make sure you hook a bit of wire at the crotch and secure it to the pipe. the legs wille stand on their own, but you need to make sure that the waist of the jeans won't sag or droop off.  Use a staple gun to tack the tarp lining to the board, and adjust the jeans to cover it all, BAYCIP FOR SALE.

(Be sure to go to for receiving updated information about gardening and the latest tree services)

Haul the pants planter to where you want it to live and split the pea gravel between the two legs. This will give the whole thing a strong base. Fill the rest up with potting soil, tamp it down, and add some more till you've reached the top.

Plant your flowers, bury the board in mulch or whatever and enjoy your new denim garden.

The whole planter felt very sturdy, and and the liner will prevent seepage when you water your plants.


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