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Hello grid-server

02.02.2007 @ 6:08 PM in Technology


I'm turning into a nomad of late.. this makes the second server move in two weeks. Sometime Monday, Buffawhat will settle into its new home in a Grid-server (gs) at MediaTemple. First off, let me leave a word of praise for Hostgator, my old host. Never have I been more pleased with a shared-server host on terms of support, uptime, and overall great packaging. I made the move to MediaTemple because I swear they are the absolute best hosting solution that you can ever hope to imagine. I'm on a grid-server, which basically means that my site(s) are handles and maintained by, say, 800+ servers on a nice little cluster. All these servers are hosted in the Garland Building: an earthquake proof, bio-metric entry, self sustainable data center from hell... So I may be down for a little bit... but not to worry.. and I'll post more on mediatemple once I'm settled in and happy.