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Mooninites Strike Fear Into Boston Locals, Turner Broadcasting says Oops!

02.01.2007 @ 2:40 PM in Lifestream


Bostons Locals and Officials were sent into a terrorism tizzy yesterday as they discovered several strange LED devices stuck up on bridges, walls, and near overpasses. The hunt for what feared to be bombs by someone who watches a little too much adult swim turned out to be just a viral Hoax by Turner Broadcasting. The devices, about the size of a laptop, were LED panels in the shape of Ignignokt and Err, two characters from Adult Swim's 'Aquateen Hunger Force. The 40 or so light "bombs"(Officials found only 8, safe to assume fanboys and Turner quickly grabbed the rest) that Turner claims to have been littered around Boston were a part of a multi city "attack."