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SOTU Meetup Wrapup

01.24.2007 @ 4:07 PM in Buffalo
Never before would I have thought I'd ever be in a bar drinking a beer and listening to the President's every word. Well, that's what took place last night at WNY Coalition for Progresses' 2nd Annual State Of The Union Watch Party held at the politically nostalgic Founding Fathers Pub. I played my fist game of Buzzword Bingo (SOTU style, and the reason for the intent listening) and won! We had to find words like "Nucleur/Nucular", "fear", "Shia/Shiite", and of course "God." A couple words never mentioned were North Korea, Robert Gates, Baghdad.
I finally got to match faces with some of the WNY Media bloggers: Big Daddy Watchdog, Buffalopundit, Elly, and Red. Elly was the first to nab me out of the crowd, it helps when I carry around my bag. She's the sweetest girl in person and I even got her in a Snap! I met Red next, and we hung out and chatted for most of the night... he was lots of fun to talk to as we both made fun of the Condi Growl (you had to have watched the speech)... Thanks for the ride home, too! Pundit was on top of his stuff, and we chatted a bit. I, of course, had to talk geek with Watchdog, and the Buffalo Beast even came to the show (with free Beasties too! ). Oh, Channel 4 and 7 were present snapping up a story. Pundit has links to their video... Red, I think we escaped the limelight, although Elly wasn't so lucky! Jen... where ever were you?