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Rocking A Lot More Than the Vote

01.17.2007 @ 9:38 PM in Lifestream
Yesterday was my birthday, however I don't mind sharing it with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr because I normally get a day off. MTV's Rock the Vote website decided to celebrate the King as well, providing a link to what they thought was an informative website on the Rev's life. Who would have thought a website with the url of (don't go there) would be one of hate and hurtful parody of its namesake? They quickly fixed their mistake and issued a grave apology, however I don't believe the excuse. Here's the apology issued from RtVBlog:
Last night, Rock the Vote made a mistake. In honor of Rev. Martin Luther King's birthday, we created a tribute from the RtV front page, as we have done every year for quite some time. To identify the external link, our webmaster searched Google and chose one of the top results, a website that, at a quick glance, appears to be a tribute to Dr. King with speeches, photos and a special emphasis on the holiday ( - but don't go there). But appearances (and, apparently, popular results on Google) are deceptive. The website is a racist site that disrespects Dr. King and insults all of us who cherish his advocacy for justice. On behalf of RtV, I would like to extend our deepest apologies for this mistake. The link was immediately corrected.
The offending website was replaced by, the OFFICIAL website of the Martin Luther King legacy. I searched Google myself and used "Martin Luther King." Quite assumedly the webmaster used that string as well (I tried a few other strings, but they don't return the same result scenario that would have caused the confusion). The results came as followed: mlk.jpg Of course, I would look at the namesaked url first, who wouldn't? However, even a few seconds of viewing and the quality of the website would alert me to something. This is why tabs were invented; I'd open up the first three links that looked promising, and then go with the correct one, which even from viewing the meta data (says "OFFICIAL WEBSITE," not meaning it should be believed immediately, but looks more enticing) you'd probably have no trouble deciding that was the winner. All in all, the apology was sincere. I know they messed up; but oh man, this was not a case of "Google fed me a bad link." This is another example of piss-poor searching methods by someone who should have spent a few seconds more on his job. mlkorg.jpg [ - ooh Look, Rap Lyrics!] mlkc.jpg [ - this IS the beloved community] Via - Blake Ross Rock the Vote