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Motorola v360 now unlocked

01.12.2007 @ 3:44 PM in Technology
myphone.jpg [the buffawhat is actually on my phone's outer LCD when you flip it open , replacing the T-Mobile mark]
I called T-Mobile 2 weeks ago to get my phone unlocked. When I signed my contract, I received the Motorola v360 for $0. Since October, I've had it replaced one time, for a defect (it had a tendency to drop phone book entries) that turns out to be a hazard of playing around with the P2K system (the hackable Motorola OS). I don't really have a need to have my phone unlocked, I'm never gonna sell it (though I might switch to Cingular for the iPhone). It was more of a test to see if T-Mobile would give me any flack for doing it. I must say, T-Mobile has provided me with the most friendly no-hassle support of any carrier I have encountered. Sometimes I just call them for a random reason to make my friends on Verizon and Cingular hate their own customer support even more. So.. I called T-Mobile one night as me and a friend were rushing to the movies. After cussing out the Voice Automated Switchboard system (T-mobile has a pretty smart and easy to use robot... but I had just gotten off the phone with the Fandango robot, and that bitch was pissing me off, poor T-Mobile got the backlash)... I was connected to a techie and I prompted my request. He said sure, and proceeded to ask me if I could get on another phone so I could check the EMEI number. I kept asking if it was going to cost me, but He assured it was a free service for T-mobile subscribers. I grabbed my numbers and he informed me of the process... Motorola holds all the unlock codes and so they have to send a request to them, and Motorola will send them the numbers, to which time, they will send them to me with instructions. Said it would take about two weeks for Motorola to respond. Yesterday (about two weeks), an email popped up in my inbox from T-mobile, with the SIM code and instructions. 30 seconds later, my phone is now free to desert and go wherever a GSM network can be found. For a contrast, on hearing of my success, a friend of mine with three cingular locked and branded, full-price paid phones bought from Cingular, called with the same request. He has to send in all three receipts to prove he paid for them and then wait 4 weeks.
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