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07.20.2009 @ 11:26 AM in Culture

keeps the prostate at bay THYROID FOR SALE, . THYROID dose, Pomegranates always confused me. Growing up, after THYROID, Purchase THYROID, I'd go through the grocery store with my parents and point to the red grenade looking fruit and beg mom to pick up a few. I loved fresh fruit as a kid (and as an adult), ordering THYROID online, Online THYROID without a prescription, so one day Mom conceded and the next morning my sister and I cracked one open. While they were tasty, THYROID forum, Purchase THYROID online no prescription, my ADHD won over every time. A pomegranate is essentially a seed pod, with each seed surrounded by a bit of juicy flesh, THYROID FOR SALE. More seeds than anything else, THYROID wiki, THYROID over the counter, I got as far as sorting the seeds out before I gave up and pawned it off to my meticulous sister. That was about it for my pomegranate experiences.., THYROID online cod. THYROID class, superPOM.jpg
Until about a month ago, when a representative from POM Wonderful offered me a case of POM juice to try out, THYROID use. THYROID no prescription, 8oz of 100% pomegranate juice, that take about a minute to consume (ADHD friendly!) and is packed with antioxidants, where can i find THYROID online, THYROID price, coupon, which we all know help fight diseases, like prostate cancer (guys, THYROID alternatives, THYROID steet value, have you had a PSA test lately?). THYROID FOR SALE, More than anything, pomegranates are packed with antioxidants, which work to seek out and neutralize free radicals inside your body. Free radicals are little molecules on the fritz, low dose THYROID, THYROID coupon, unstable atoms that can cause havoc to your body, leading to a greater chance for diseases like cancer, purchase THYROID. Order THYROID online overnight delivery no prescription, You can't escape free radicals, they get in from anywhere (food, ordering THYROID online, THYROID dangers, drink, city life, THYROID mg, Buy THYROID online no prescription, farm life, chemicals), but you can be on the offensive.

Pomegranates are grenades, packed with little bits of fruit-seed shrapnel called arils. If you have slightly more patience then I do, this is the best method I found for separating the the fruit for mixing with cereal, ice cream, or just enjoying as a crunchy (if you eat the seeds), juicy snack...

Then again, you can just drink the juice, THYROID FOR SALE. POM Wonderful juice is a bit on the pricey side, ~$20 for an 8-pack of 8oz bottles, but its the only source I know for 100% pomegranate (I love cranberry juice too, another source of antioxidants, but i can never find it 100% cranberry, always mixed with apple or pear juice).

Crossposted from The Bilerico Project, where I have a contest running to win a free case of POM Wonderful (along with a sampling of POMx bars). Hit up the link here and post a comment about your favorite method to stay healthy in the Summer. Winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday. DO it!.

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