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Job Says Screw You Cisco, We’re Calling It The iPhone Anyways

01.09.2007 @ 9:08 PM in Technology
iPhone Behold, the "revolution of the first order." A little bummed that T-Mobile will not be able to pick this up. Perhaps Apple+Cingular will be kind enough and offer to pay off termination fees to switch and buy the new iPhone, which starts at $499( for 4GB, 8GB is $599) with a two-year contract with Cingular. I nearly fell out of my chair - as I was liveblogging with updates from Macrumors and Engadget - when Jobs confirmed the iPhone. This baby will pack some serious punch in the cellphone market and help Cingular nestle on down as the #1 Wireless carrier in the US. Check out the specs from apple with a little bit of info on each: Screen size - 3.5 inches
This is the biggest screen so far on any multimedia phone, and any iPod period. A built-in Accelerometer senses when you turn the iPhone on its side and changes the display accordingly. open your music player, and flip it on its side, coverflow opens. browse photos, flip it on its side, viewer goes widescreen.
Screen resolution - 320 by 480 at 160 ppi
once again, the highest resolution display of any phone or iPod. the media has really yet to see this thing hand one, but 160ppi gives a new definition to sharp display. This will come in handy when viewing the web; safari can zoom and shrink the whole page... no WAP browser on this baby, she's rockin Safari!
Input method - Multi-touch
Apple has been working on touch technology for a while, and we got a glimpse of this with the new macbooks; you can use two fingers on the pad to scroll up and down. When you try to do this with any ordinary smartphone, you fail. This is because the current touch technology is pixel based and cannot process multiple areas being touched at the same time. Using your finger is bad aim because the screen can't pick which of the 30 pixels you've activated is the one it should respond to. Multi-touch probably uses an algorithm to take the entire grouped touch area and focus it on the median area, and allows for multiple areas of touch.. like two fingers scrolling on the touchpad. This is just my intelligent guess on the technology, I haven't gotten any white papers on the tech yet and Apple will prolly keep them under lock and key.
Operating system - OS X
we're all kinda confused on this one... but I guess Apple has streamlined a special version OSX for the iPhone, kind of like Windows Mobile. however, the iPhone will work for mac and PC... but on the mac better I'm sure.
Storage - 4GB or 8GB
Of course there's a size choice! This is some serious storage.. no need for a media card... store it all right on the flash memory.
GSM - Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900)
Quad-band GSM means it "could" work for T-mobile, however Apple has teamed up with so many companies(Google, Yahoo, Cingular, AT&T) that the phone will only work on the Cingular network.