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Google Mountain View WIFI Launches: Who’s moving with me?

08.16.2006 @ 6:04 PM in Technology
About 72,000 residents in Mountain View, CA are about to be bathed in millions of little wifi internet bubbles, Google style. The GOOG pushed up the launch date due to overwhelming response and request for service. Google Wifi offers the city 90% coverage over its 12 square miles, at a speed of about 1Mbit/s. A bit slower than DSL, but pretty impressive for a city wide wireless hookup.
Google wifi network
[Click above for the Mountain View Coverage Map]
Tropos Networks made 380 recievers, which Google installed on the the city's light poles. This project cost about One Million (only a million, google?) to put in place, and promises to pay the city $36 per light pole, annually. No one knows for sure the reason Google did this. I think its a perk for the 1000 overworked, underpaid, starving Google employees living in Mountain View. Those poor bastards, they have it so rough. Mercury News [tag]google, wifi, Mountain-view[/tag]