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Picking a gym

01.05.2007 @ 3:28 PM in Buffalo
I going to join a gym. I need to shed the "twink," and I have a $300 gym credit from Univera to burn. Plus, when I get home from work, there is absolutely nothing to do but sit at my window watching people walk down Elmwood as I pet my delightfully obese black cat. I have two gym choices, and they are about as different as can be. Easily misconstruable graphic below.
Option #1 - Allentown Athletix
Location: Delaware and Allen, Buffalo
Distance: 0.4mi (a jog, or an easy trumpfh through snow)
Membership price: ~$76, after the 300 reimbursement and a 15% off first time offer.
Equipment: Weight room, cardio room, circuit room (no idea, but I saw pulleys), A few multi-use rooms, two racquetball and squash courts, Hottub/sauna, decent locker facilities.
Pros: Allentown Athletix is obviously more queer-client