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Super Freak finally gets head(stone) in Forest Lawn

08.08.2006 @ 11:33 PM in Buffalo

Rick James Headstone

Hmm.... Somehow I think the masons were thinking of the wrong Rick James when they carved this. James got stoned for for the last time when they placed his headstone at his grave, marking the two-year anniversary of his death. Fans of the flamboyant super-freak have been longing for ages for a gravestone to be erected, however, instead of a glittered obelisk with an Aqua-Net dispenser, they must make do with this black granite.... "thing." The $13,000 - Forest Lawn appropriate - monument was made in Vermont and was personally picked out by James' daughter, Ty. She wanted something "Tasteful. Simple. Nice," as Amigone stated. The laser etched visage of Ty's father will be the only proof that the man who took baths in glitter is buried there. Rock on James, Sorry you got a shitty monument. Rick James' grave can be visited in Forest Lawn near Scajaquada Creek lake by the Delaware S-curve. Via - Buffalo News