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05.05.2009 @ 12:43 PM in Lifestream

3505057872_ccb062f4dd_b ILOSONE FOR SALE, The pubcrawl went fabtabular; couldn't ask to have more fun with my friends. Purchase ILOSONE online, Amanda and Andrew are great people and you should definitely make Splash Panic. a stop when you are on the 800 block of Elmwood, ILOSONE schedule. ILOSONE pics, They're right next to Angel's shop, Sai One at 818 Elmwood, ILOSONE without a prescription. Canada, mexico, india, I suppose I could explain the photo booth pictures... mainly the one on the left, ILOSONE FOR SALE. I don't know what possessed me to whip out my cock but then again, ILOSONE mg, ILOSONE no prescription, those who know me understand I can get naked for any occasion. Either way, doses ILOSONE work, Ordering ILOSONE online, I censored out the goods simply because my family likes to stalk me (hi dad!)  and I'd rather not subject them to that. But I totally love freedom of expression attention, ILOSONE photos, ILOSONE trusted pharmacy reviews, so if you want to see it, just ask to be friended on my flickr account and I'll see what I can do.., buy cheap ILOSONE. Order ILOSONE from mexican pharmacy, its just a flaccid penis dangled precariously close to a pretty blonde girl's open mouth... ILOSONE FOR SALE, and forced perspective does a lot to fool the eye.


Amanda is a great girl, cheap ILOSONE no rx, Real brand ILOSONE online, and the poor thing barely made it through a Cathode's Big Ass Drink. She's so tiny but she totally kept up, ILOSONE samples. ILOSONE for sale, Andrew would knock down his drinks FAST... like a good ex rugby player, buy ILOSONE without prescription. And Angel., ILOSONE FOR SALE. ILOSONE price, coupon, well he did Angel. I didn't get so drunk, buying ILOSONE online over the counter, Buy cheap ILOSONE no rx, which meant I got to make fun of the rest of the crew... and take silly pictures like this one.., ILOSONE from canada. Buy ILOSONE no prescription, 3504284573_f49a9e5e09_b-1

and this one...

3505096654_5d1249a5ca_b-1and here's Angel with a pool stick in his crotch.., ILOSONE street price. ILOSONE dose, 3505096000_219ca014ba_b

For the record.. here is where we all went in order from cleanest to skeeziest.

  1. Hardware

  2. Staples

  3. Brickbar

  4. Frizzy's

  5. Cathode Ray

  6. Pink - just to look, not long enough to catch a disease.

There are a few more pictures on flickr....

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