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530 Walden – PUSH Pataki and the MBBA to release

12.22.2006 @ 3:58 PM in Buffalo
I'm waiting for my bus this groggy morning and I see Pataki's cute face slapped up on a house (ok, more like a shell of what was a house).

12-22-06_0801.jpg [ cute mug, ugly house, wasted space] My buddy Kirk and the People at P.U.S.H (People United for Sustainable Housing) have posted these signs on many of the shell-houses that Pataki and the MBBA have been sitting on for some while.

12-22-06_0802.jpg [Shell house on 530 Walden] This is ridiculous, and even worse than a bare lot. If you happen to see these posters and don't like what you see, Give em a call: 518-474-8390 Link to P.U.S.H

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