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A Special Christmas Box

12.21.2006 @ 2:40 PM in Culture
Last week, NBC's Saturday Night Live aired a parody music video of two boy-band singers (one played by Justin Timberlake!) singing about giving their girlfriends a very special Christmas present... their "dick in a box. Censors bleeped out over twenty references to the gifted member... but viewers soon had no trouble finding the uncensored version online right after the broadcast. How so? Because NBC put it on YouTube themselves! This is something new for SNL, and for a lot of shows that end up bleeped. Expect a lot more officicial "directors-cut" video to pop up now, due to the overwhelming success of the "Special Box" aire. as SNL's Producer says "My sense is that, as always, now that the door has been opened, some things will go through it." Check after the break to watch the video (NSFW... unless you have headphones.) [youtube]1dmVU08zVpA[/youtube] via- NYTimes
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