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FCC gives thumbs up for promoting Broadband over Power Lines

08.08.2006 @ 3:39 PM in Technology
Today, the FCC announced the go-ahead for companies to start promoting Broadband over Power Lines. This is a new technology that has been in the works for a few years, and will allow high-speed data transfers routed through power cables. You simply need a modem that you plug directly into any power outlet. BPL would run off the existing infrastructure of the power grids, offering up new opportunities for greater connectivity and easier networking between devices and people. Imagine having your computer, stereo, TiVo, all connected instantly through the wiring in your home. Hell, network your toaster, it could be that easy. The FCC go-ahead was for promotion of the service and to warn off any protestors until more studies have been conducted. Supposedly, one downside to BPL is that HAM radio operators wil be SOL. But the FCC is not going to pull the plug unless any serious intereferences occur. Read more: wiki FCC Report (PDF)