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On Work, Men, and Mike.

12.18.2006 @ 6:50 PM in Lifestream
My life has successfully sped up in the past few weeks. I guess it's a good things because i would have not much else to do but sit at home, in my chair by the window, watching the people on the sidewalk, as I pet my cat. Marcellas has turned into a bit more than go go dancing, as I am now light tech on Fridays, and backup barback. I'm still doing liqueur promos with Eber Brothers, and my next party is Tuesday night at Cathode... I'm afraid I'm going to be in an elf suit; the details are being hid from me. Its all extra money (extra money = a good thing), I'd really like to get out of debt sometime soon. As for my day job - the one that really pays the bills - I received my end of year performance bonus last Friday; it's coming in very handy this Christmas. I'm a little bit worried about stretching myself out too much at work. People from different departments keep recruiting me for help, and as much as I don't mind, I can't let it interfere with my lab schedule. And I'm not too sure payroll will be any more pleased if I start handing in three different pay sheets from three different departments. That means overtime and we all know how much Payroll loves giving out overtime. I saw Jamie (the Ex) last Saturday. It was Mike's (the BF) birthday drunkathon this weekend, which actually turned out to be a bit tamer due to him having to work Sunday. We were at Cathode with some friends, and I look up to see Jamie walk in with a guy. This is the first time I've seen him in months, and we as we make eye-contact I nod a hello. He gives me a sheepish smile and then I instantly become the pink elephant in the room to his date. I was hoping that Jamie and I could at least occupy the same space together, maybe say hello and be amicable, but it wasn't the night. Not even five minutes later, Jamie and date leave. The bouncer asks why they are leaving so soon, and date points to me and rattles something off. I kind of wonder what Jamie tells his dates about me because they all can't stand to be around me. I've never incited so much hatred from people I never met. I don't mind people hating me... but at least give me a chance to fuck you over first and give you a reason. I'm not worthy of such unearned animosity. Oh well, I find it all amusing. Now for the current boyfriend. Me and Mike possess this very strange relationship. we completely skipped over the whole honeymoon, sweet affections lovey, clamorous, fluff ball of a first month and it seems more like we are settling into a three year stretch.