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WWDC2006, Day One: The Mac Pro

08.08.2006 @ 12:29 AM in Technology
Our connection to the internet was broken today at work for some reason. No clue why, and it wasn't restored by the time I left. Kind of ironic, seeing that I thought that the net limited my productivity; not having it almost stopped it all together. So, to stave off the "disconnection" panic attack, I booked it to SPoT coffee to fill up on Ginger Mango Tea and Engadget. Engadget was covering the WWDC, and like a dork I scrolled to the bottom and started reading up. Day one hailed the unveiling of the long awaited and dissapointingly un-redesigned Intel Mac Pro. Intel Mac Pro
Mac Pro with a familiar exterior
So much for a snazzy new body, I guess we have to wait for the new metal-clad iPod Nano to wow us all. But on the inside, oh baby. Take a look at those compartments, this bitch knows she's pretty.
The sexy guts of the Mac Pro
And with almost 5 Million different possibilities of Mac Pro incarnations, I sense a lot more time will be spent in front of the customize page at the online Apple store, dreaming the futile dream of ever owning one. So much for productivity.