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02.09.2009 @ 2:32 PM in Lifestream

FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, I've started a new tattoo project with Randall. FLUDIAZEPAM wiki, It was originally meant to be this smallish tattoo anywhere on my body and anything that Randall wanted. As I wanted the surprise to be unveiled on the day of the tattoo, where to buy FLUDIAZEPAM, FLUDIAZEPAM used for, I only went so far in inquiry as to ask how much it was going to cost. Randall's reply: "we'll do it by session."  Turns out that sessions meant an entire side piece, FLUDIAZEPAM no prescription, FLUDIAZEPAM forum, featuring a few of my favorite Kaiju toys, with a random geometric patterny background, what is FLUDIAZEPAM. FLUDIAZEPAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,

I've always wanted a large piece of ink on my and my brain stormed over what pieces to choose for permanent enshrinement on my body. I've been seriously loving on Super7 work, and thought that the Snakes of Infinity fight kaiju were the best match, FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE. Originally we were thinking putting all the figures, FLUDIAZEPAM for sale, Where can i find FLUDIAZEPAM online, but the incredible detail of Mongolion took over...

3235023254_108186a830_oMongolion is the newest addition to the Super7 Snakes of Infinity series, FLUDIAZEPAM results, FLUDIAZEPAM without a prescription, designed by Lamour Supreme, and sculpted by Cosmo Liquid, FLUDIAZEPAM reviews. FLUDIAZEPAM price, coupon, I'm a big fan of Lamour because of his involvement with the kaiju world and Mishka. This sculpt is unreal, FLUDIAZEPAM without prescription. FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, Mongolion stands no taller than all the other SOI (about 5-6 inches) but has enough detail to be over a foot tall. Order FLUDIAZEPAM online overnight delivery no prescription, just look at the feet, most kaiju have flat bottom feet, where can i cheapest FLUDIAZEPAM online, Buy no prescription FLUDIAZEPAM online, but Mongolion has fully sculpted feet. And come-on, buy FLUDIAZEPAM from mexico, Online buying FLUDIAZEPAM hcl, he has snakes for suspenders. The first release drops in early March, is FLUDIAZEPAM safe. FLUDIAZEPAM natural, Until then, I can't get color on the tattoo, FLUDIAZEPAM pictures, FLUDIAZEPAM from canada, because I want it to match the first spray. I can't wait, FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE.

I have to say, canada, mexico, india, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, this freakin hurts. I'm good at channeling pain, but the ribs are no fun to get ink on. period. I'll grin and bear it, because this is going to be the sickest tattoo ever. FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, once its finished, I expect my entire left side to be something amazing. I've already got a little love from Mister Supreme, and that's like the best thing ever. I'm going to have to stalk the MISHKA workshop if I ever make it to NYC, track him down and show him in person.

All thanks to Randall, from Divine Machine. We are like homeys, check our gangsta face...

Gangstaness aside, i've been getting more into doing visuals at Marcellas, FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE. Still learning VDMX, and can't wait to get a MIDI controller, but I'm doing alright...

oh, yea, about the trannies... this girl had the most melon-ballest looking lead weight titties I have ever seen. and her ass and lips were surged to match...


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