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Warmer Nights on the Horizon?

12.14.2006 @ 4:03 PM in Buffalo
It's still cold, consistently 58 degrees and making harder and harder each morning to get out of bed and get dressed. The boiler hasn't ran in about 5 days; I was getting close to buying a space heater and billing Horizon Realty (my leasing company). Then I received two pieces of paper taped to my door last night. One was a notice of entry for maintenance and repairs, the other was a Letter from Laura Lomanto, the new Maintenance Supervisor for the buildings. The letter read:
Dear Resident, Horizon Realty is further investing in the building you live in by replacing the boiler system with a brand new system. We are concerned that the system that is in place currently may not make it through this winter season, and we want to be sure that there is adequate heat when you need it most. Therefore, we are delivering temporary space heaters to your apartment to be used while we are installing the new system. We expect the installation of this system to take about a week and will begin this weekend. Therefore, please turn on these space heaters as needed during the next week. Once the new system is installed and running, we will come around and pick up all these space heaters from your apartment. We thank you for your cooperation while we are making improvements to the building you reside in. Laura Lomanto Maintenance Supervisor Horizon Realty
This is good to hear. Horizon really isn't a bad company, despite all the issues I've had. Its actually the building being in prior disrepair and the utter lack of decent maintenance staff in Buffalo. This is their first year with the previous crackbuilding. Now, 40 evictions, new water heater, new maintenance super, and soon the be new boiler later, I'd say this is a pretty decent track record for upkeep and improvements. Now all thats needed is the hallways recarpeted and painted and the secured entry doors fixed.. and you've got your selves a Kissling interests... almost.
Horizon Realty