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Still Alive, check back after the flu shot

12.04.2006 @ 7:30 PM in Buffalo
I'm really a bad blogger... I promise I'll post more this week. I seem to be posessing a very low amount of motivation lately, and thats being allocated for keeping my job ( getting out of bed, getting dressed, running the lab, making it home, making it into bed). Blogging is left with good intentions, as I had pics of my lab to show, pics of the sabres game I went to, and pics ofmy thanksgiving trip to my folks. But thank God for flickr, because my account has stayed up-to-date thanks to the beauty of drag and drop. Oh, and when are you supposed to have your Christmas cards out? I've never done the snail mail good cheer thing before, and I don't wanna muck it up. Finally, I'm getting my flu shot for work. I've never had a flu shot, so this may turn out ugly. Lets hope for the best.