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Perfect Date, Perfect Dessert

11.16.2006 @ 3:38 PM in Lifestream
I had the most refreshing date last night. It's not often that I come across a gentleman, someone that familiar with proper procedures for wining and dining a southern belle like me. He was a tad late meeting me at SPoT, but I didn't hold it against him; he was a fellow foot traveler and the weather was dreary. We talked for a bit and then went over to The Chocolate Bar, for cheese plate. His name is Brian and he's not from the parts of Bufalo, hence the gentleman in him. A Cuban with a British accent was not what someone I'd expect to go on a date with; it was a real change of pace for me, and I really enjoyed his company. We left the bar to watch SawIII, which I had seen before, but gladly sat through again to watch Brian squirm and jump at the juicy bits. Then back to the Chocolate Bar, where we indulged in the most delicious chocolate creations that I have ever had. I had sense enough to snap a few pics with the phone before we devoured the masterpieces: 11-16-06_0006.jpg 11-16-06_0008.jpg 11-16-06_0004.jpg 11-16-06_0005.jpg 11-16-06_0007.jpg The waitress bought us chocolate shots (because we were so cool) and we took turns on the Chocolate Cherry Teardrop, and the Heavenly Heath Pie.
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