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Lasercut Felt OMi tags

11.21.2008 @ 1:12 PM in Culture
Its been a year since I last used Ponoko, and in that time they've grown to become a reliable source for all things lasercut and made-to-order. When they started adding new materials and launched Prime, a premium cost-cutting cutting service, I felt (*giggle) it was time to step back in and start a new project. Angel makes a lot of bags, but they don't have a name, nor do they have any identification as to where they come from. So we remedied that, naming his bagline OMi and adorning each one with a perfectly cut black felt fob. The felt is 100% Virgin Merino Wool, and about 1/8in thick.  The WhiteBoy "cock" is what I use to test new materials under Ponoko. Im very pleased at how well the felt holds the cut with crips seared lines. They all smell a little burnt, but that can be dry-cleaned out.