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Sitting on millions make us Broke?

08.06.2006 @ 5:59 PM in Buffalo
I saw a Forever Elmwood billboard today, as I progressed on my semi-ritualistic stroll from my humble studio on Elmwood/North to Spot Coffee, my source of internet and perch for people watching. It read:
Buffalo may be broke, but it doesn't have to be dirty. Don't Litter.
Buffalo's broke? Having more money for the city to spend would mean more money to be fought over. Not to mention more projects left in limbo while we argue over some ridiculous design requirement mandated by this organization that wants Buffalo to be as beautiful as it was in the 20's. I don't want Buffalo to be clean like Toronto, and I don't want some yupp'ed up village like Ellicotville. I moved here a year ago from the south, and I love it. Buffalo is a blend, a mosaic of different cultures and lifestyles, cleverly separated by ghettos. I have a crack alley behind my building, I'm a block away from Allentown, and I cross the street to do Laundry. For me, Buffalo has everything I could ever need. Quit bitching, we could be in Dansville.
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