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Snap! – Dunny Series 5 Wrapup

09.05.2008 @ 12:15 AM in Lifestream
Just what I get for not even wanting to go overboard with the Dunnys; I get the complete set on release night. Of course, it took a whole lot of vinyl karma and some serious trading skills, but that's what its all about. I swear I love this more than going to the casino. Hands down, the absolute winner for the best Dunny in S5 is Frank Kozik. Every millimeter is custom molded perfection. Definitely worth it for a 1:100. Jesse LeDoux has a real beard attachment FTW, and MISHKA's eyeball accessory won for most detailed prop. Most elusive tonight, was the JMGS/jellyman clusterfuck. At 1:50, I only picked it up after a 2 for 1 Dunny trade at the end. It was the last fig to check off my list. JK5 was the Mist of this series; I originally opened 5 but traded down to 3. TooFly was also a major dupe, but like SecretLab from the French Series, its pretty bad ass so I managed to trade it down from 4 to 2. MAD had a lot of accessories for being a 2:25, and I wish Amanda Vissell wasn't a 2:25 rutge but im happy with a dupe. One thing I noticed was that some Dunnys came in clear bags, while others came wrapped in foil. I wonder if this has anything to do with the after production smudging that happened in the past and sent everyone in a tirade. I must give major thanks to Hero Design for the best Dunny release party yet; even though it wasn't as packed I had the most fun. Thank Beth and Mark. #snap