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Thumbnail preview in Firefox just like IE7

10.31.2006 @ 11:03 PM in Technology
When IE7 was released, the one thing that caught my eye was a thumbnail preview of all your available tabs. Firefox 2.0 does not have it as a core feature. Well, a little digging and I found that there are a few extensions to choose from to give Firefox the preview power as well. My favorite is Firefox Showcase. This extension has so many features... showcase2.jpgview from a pop up... showcase1.jpgin a new tab... showcase3.jpgor even on your sidebar. Tons of settings let you tweak Showcase just how you want it. you can even animate a zoom on mouse over. hit F12 on your keyboard and the pop up shows all your open tabs from ALL windows, not just current focused window. Add the showcase buttons to your toolbar for easy one click access to all three showcase functions. Get Firefox Showcase Now!