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Snap! – gluten free, who knew?

08.01.2008 @ 6:23 PM in Lifestream
I haven't spoiled Skylar in a while; getting to Animal Outfitters before they close is a once a week opportunity that I often have to sacrifice for other activities. I do pay penance for being a terrible cat father, however, with the sneezing fits brought on by my moderate pet allergies. But whenever I get a chance to stop by, I do Skylar right. Since he's been whining to have dry food at his disposal in between his twice daily soft feedings, I picked up a bag of Solid Gold, which is gluten and grain free, and heavy in protein. I also got some flea spray and a quite potent catnip sardine. We also got something thathelps to stop ticks. Note that the cat food bag is shiny gold and holographic. #snap