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the idontsmudgethescreencauseitouchthesidesPod

10.30.2006 @ 8:59 PM in Technology
Meh... maybe the name is a wee too long.. OK let's just call it the none-touch iPod. Hmmm.. that sounds like some rumored magical iPod that we first heard about in June. Peep the pics and I'll explain....
patent file patent file 2
These are some fresh Apple Patent images for a bezeled Ipod that makes the outer bezel the touch-wheel. Hence, perhaps, the none-touch (of the screen) iPod. The iPod's UI is designed so touching the screen and possible smudging/ruining of that precious widescreen display is held to a minimum. Those circles are meant to represent the actual active points for manipulating the controls; the entire bezel will more than likely be all touch active. I must give props to Apple for this clever solution to the widescreen issue and I would be quite pleased if this is what the widescreen video ipod turns out to use for navigation.