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SYTYCD: Chelsie and Mark – Bleeding Love

06.26.2008 @ 10:59 AM in Culture
I'm watching So You Think You can Dance. I'm not so into it that I'll vote or get into any huge discussion about it,  but I love the choreography. And as far as any blogging goes, I plan to keep it at a weekly post of my favorite routine from Wednesday. So expect it. Yesterday's "couple to beat" was Mark K. and Chelsie H. (found out after I clipped the show that that's how you spell her name, stupid white girls). They danced a hip hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon, and damn it moved me. "Bleeding Love" is a safe commercial beat that gets overplayed on the radio without even a thought, however Mark and Chelsie brought it to life as they portrayed the struggle of a workaholic and the pain it causes your loved one. So You Think You Can Dance?