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06.13.2008 @ 1:18 PM in Culture
If you ever read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (or the movie, FTL), there is a certain section about a whale that just happens to be, and describes its journey to the end. In Douglas Adam's novel, the whale's journey is innocent and play-by-play; he's so busy taxonomizing his surroundings to notice his demise is the green ground that he's so eager to name. But what if, what if you knew the end of your life, and could see it? What if you knew you only had a short time to live? How would you live it? This struggle has been told over and over, but this time, as a sentient meteor in the digital short Fallen. [flashvideo filename= image=/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/fallen_flv_sh.jpg /]
  1. Directed by Wolfram Kampffmeyer and Sascha Geddert
  2. Animation: Wolfram Kampffmeyer
  3. Shading, Rendering: Sascha Geddert
  4. Compositing: Sebastian Nozon
  5. Music and Sounddesign: David Christiansen
  6. Produced by Stina McNicholas
  7. Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg
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