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MashBash 2008

06.05.2008 @ 12:12 PM in Buffalo
Last year at the Bash
  • I drank 17 Keg Beers in 2 hours,
  • Smoked a cigar with a drag queen.
  • Peed behind a bush
  • Went to Club Marcellas to work, drunk out of my mind
  • Picked up Eli, our barback, swung him around my waist, then fell and cracked my head on a piano.
  • Passed out in the DJ booth for two hours...
The Buffalo Red Cross's Annual Bash is the kickstart to the summer festival weekend. If you survive the Bash, a fundraiser cleverly disguised as an all out drunk fest, then you are primed to enjoy the rest of the weekend activities, like Pride and the Hellenic Festival. Tickets are $50, or $100 with a raffle, and include free beer, food, and live music from Lance Diamond and other Buffalo party bands. Call 878-2373 for tickets and info, or visit the website here. Not a lot of time left to get your liver ready, but its a party to remember.