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Firefox 3 Download Day: Help Set a World Record

05.30.2008 @ 2:30 PM in Technology

Download Day

Back when FF1 was released, I was a real active member of Spread Firefox. I'd shoot my badges all over the web and preach the ways of alternative browsing, life free of pop ups, and a general Exodus from all things IE. I was really into it, even made a few flash sigs for forum use, like this one..

[Totally Unofficial ATHF FTW] So, I've been kinda lax on the FF preaching, despite a few sermons on addons and tricks. Maybe I've realized that Firefox isn't a perfect browser, and that all those wonderfull addons can drag the poor fox to the ground, and that effing flash issue.... Or maybe I'm just lazy in general. Well, praise be to the gods, because Firefox 3 is here to save us, with load of new features, upgrades to the rendering engine, (Gecko 1.9) and bit more polish all over. You can download the RC1 and see it for yourself; and more plugins are syncing up to make the upgrade easier and more attractive. The SpreadFirefox team is also planning on setting a Guinness world record for the most downloads of a software title in a 24hour period with the launch of Firefox3. Since this is the first attempt on record, there isn't really a goal, but we want to make it as high as possible. One, thing though, they don't actually have a date for this event, so hit the badge above and pledge your download; you will be emailed when the time is nigh.